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Directions to the Food Science Auditorium, Rutgers University

New Brunswick, NJ

From NJ Turnpike (North/South)

Take NJ Turnpike and get off at exit # 9. After the tollbooth, bear right, following signs for Rt. 1 and Rt. 18 North. Take Rt. 18 North to Rt. 1 South. Take College Farm Rd exit off Rt. 1 (next to large wooden sign "Cook College"). Continue on College Farm Rd until you reach the 4-way STOP sign. Make right. The Food & Science bldg. is on the left and parking on the right.

From Garden State Parkway (North/South)

Take Parkway exit # 129. Follow signs for NJ Turnpike South. Take NJ Turnpike South and follow directions above.

From Rt. 1 North

After intersection of Rt. 130, pass De Vry Institute on the right, see sign for Rutgers Cook College and Douglas College, take the exit which is College Farm Rd. The road will pass under Rt. 1. At the STOP sign, turn left onto College Farm Rd. Follow directions above.

From Rt. 1 South

After intersection with Rt. 18, pass Sears Dept. Store, pass both exits for Ryders lane, then take College Farm Rd exit. Follow directions above.